Tourism Activity in Tunisia Rose 17.5 %

  • Tunis, Republic of Tunisia
  • 27 August 2018

The number of tourists coming to Tunisia has exceeded five million since the beginning of the year, bringing the number of arrivals during this season to 17.5 per cent, compared to the same period last year.
Tunisian Tourism Minister Salma Al-Loumi revealed that the number of tourists exceeded 5.1 million tourists, noting that "the recovery of European tourism in Tunisia, with the number of German tourists this year, increased by 61 %, the Russians by 34 % and the French by 28 %."
She also stated: "At the level of foreign exchange earnings, the tourism sector has achieved at least 674 million euros ($ 784 million), up to 23.8 percent compared with the year 2017."
She also explained that "Tourism organizations active in Tunisia are hoping to achieve at least 1 billion euros in revenue by the end of the current tourism season, with more than 8 million tourists expected this year, compared to 7 million last year."
Source: (Al Sharq Al Awsat Newspaper, Edited)

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