Important Economic Files to be Discussed during the Arab Development Summit in Lebanon

  • Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt
  • 12 October 2018

The Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Affairs of the League of Arab States, Ambassador Kamal Hassan Ali, said that "more than 20 economic issues and topics will be presented to the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit at its fourth session in Beirut next January."
"The Arab League Secretariat is currently working on several tracks to prepare for the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit at its fourth session: The first track is to address the Arab countries to submit their views and proposed topics to be presented to the Summit. The second track is the views of the specialized Arab organizations and councils, and the third one is to identify the proposals of Arab scientists and economists who have visions of the reality of Arab economic action to benefit from them.
He pointed out that "a number of issues have been agreed upon to be submitted to the summit, including progress reports on the achievements of the Greater Arab Free Trade Area, a report on Arab food security and the Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir's initiative in this regard, infrastructure of the Land connection projects and transport between the Arab countries, in addition to the project of the electric interconnection, the launch of the Arab Common Market for Electricity, and the theme of the Charter of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Source: (Al Khaleej newspaper, Edited)