Khalil Rizk Chairs the Meeting of the Federation of Palestinian Chambers

  • Ramallah, Palestine
  • 30 November 2018

Khalil Rizk, President of the Federation of Palestinian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, chaired the regular session (105) of the federation held at the temporary headquarters of the federation in Ramallah and attended by the majority of its members.
In his speech, Rizk stressed the importance of enhancing the role of chambers of commerce and industry at all levels, reviewing the agenda of the session, beginning with the approval of the previous record. Followed by a review of the financial report of the Federation and the obligations and contributions of the Chambers in its budget in accordance with law and order. The Council also reviewed the report on the latest developments on the progress of the preparations for the elections of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, which was prepared by the Central Committee, in particular, the start of the members of the oversight committees to check the membership files in preparation of the preliminary tables.
With regard to the Social Security Law, the Council declared that the law was agreed upon with the partners and civil society institutions to be modified as it stands. The council stressed the importance of providing social protection to all workers in the private and civil sectors.

Source: (Federation of Palestinian Chambers, Edited)

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