The Bahraini Cabinet Approves 2019-2020’s Budget

  • Al Manama, Bahrain
  • 26 February 2019

The Bahraini cabinet approved the public budget of the kingdom with a total deficit of 708 million dinars ($1.878 billion) in the fiscal year 2019 and reduced it to 613 million dinars in 2020.

The fiscal year begins in Bahrain in early January until the end of December of the same year, according to the Budget Law.

The Cabinet approved the state budget for the fiscal years 2019-2020 and referred it to the House of Representatives. The Bahrain's total budget deficit declined by 35 percent to 874 million dinars in 2018, compared with 1.3 billion dinars in 2017.

The draft budget for 2019 estimated the public revenues at 2.745 billion dinars and the expenditures at 3.252 billion dinars. The deficit is estimated by deducting the estimates of revenues at 1.34 billion dollars, while the ministry did not explain the deficit gap with the total estimate of the deficit of 1.87 billion dollars. The draft budget of 2020 estimates the total revenues of 2,874 billion dinars and the expenditures of 3.287 billion.

Source: (Bahrain News Agency (BNA), Edited)


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