Kuwait's Sovereign Wealth Fund Profits Reach $20.8 billion

  • Kuwait, State of Kuwait
  • 1 August 2019

Kuwait's sovereign wealth fund made a profit of $20.8 billion between April 2007 and June 2019, this was through investing in 12 companies and global bank over the past years.

The investments were made through the main contribution portfolio called "Satellite", with a profit rate of 148.7% for all the investments made by the portfolio during that period.

The current value of these investments, in addition to the attained profits, is about $31.8 billion. The period of investment in the “Satellite” portfolio is medium and long term, i.e. more than 5 years. The sovereign wealth fund administration may recommend going out in fewer periods if it is considered better in the short term, or if the administration considers that the exiting out may provide an appropriate opportunity to hedge against fluctuations that harm the interests of the commission.

Sovereign fund’s managers took great precautionary measures when entering into any global investment, where the maximum individual investment volume does not exceed 10 percent of the total market capitalization of the investment at inception, or the value of the issued capital.

Source: (Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed newspaper, Edited)

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