Reserves of Qatar’s Central Bank Rise Up

  • Doha, Qatar
  • 8 January 2020

Qatar Central Bank data showed that the total international reserves in foreign currency of the Qatar Central Bank continued to grow for the 23rd month in a row, as they increased at the end of last December by about 0.8 billion riyals to reach about 198.4 billion riyals ($54.4 billion), thus rising by about 61.5 billion riyals, or 44.9 percent, from what it was in December 2017, as well as increased by December 2018 by 10.6 percent.

The official reserves of Qatar Central Bank increased by the end of December compared to the previous month by about 0.5 billion riyals, to reach about 144.3 billion riyals (or $39.6 billion). On the other hand, the international reserves increased during the month of December 2019 compared to the previous month (November), as a result of the rise of Qatar Central Bank balances of deposits with foreign banks by about 1.74 billion riyals, to reach the level of 54.65 billion riyals, and the high value of gold by 253 Million riyals to 7.49 billion riyals.

Source (Al-Raya Al-Qatari Newspaper, Edited)