Al-Kabariti: Jordan is Able to Overcome the Economic Pressures

  • Amman, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • 31 January 2020

The head of the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, Senator Nael Al-Kabariti, stressed that "Jordan, under the leadership of King Abdullah II, is capable of overcoming the economic pressures it is experiencing and moving towards achieving growth rates that meet aspirations and contribute to providing job opportunities and improving the lives of citizens."

Al-Kabariti stressed "the importance of strengthening the real partnership between the public and private sectors to develop a clearly defined work plan that contributes to raising the level and competitiveness of all economic sectors and providing a competitive business environment to attract investments."

He also pointed out that "the economic pressures require everyone to work together with one spirit to overcome them and deal with the private sector institutions at a particular standard," stressing "the need to launch a new incentive package for the commercial sector," saying that "removing obstacles to the commercial sector will contribute to accelerating the pace of development, in a way that reflects positively on the merchants and citizens in general and improving the performance of the national economy and improving the standard of living of citizens."

Al-Kabariti concluded: "Jordan achieved great economic achievements during the reign of King Abdullah II, as the Kingdom was able to embody distinctive commercial partnerships with various global economic blocs and signed many free trade agreements with several countries, which helped open the way for Jordanian products to reach them completely freely."

Source (Al-Dustour Newspaper-Jordan, Edited)

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