Qatar Public Sector deposits increased

  • Doha, State of Qatar
  • 24 February 2020

The combined budget of Qatar banks issued by Qatar Central Bank showed that public sector loans increased to a level of 331.4 billion riyals during January, while its deposits increased to a level of 278.4 billion riyals.

Public sector deposits increased by about 5.3 billion to 278.4 billion riyals. These deposits were distributed between 79.9 billion for the government and 166.1 billion for government institutions, and 32.4 billion for semi-government institutions in which the government share is equal to 50% or more, and less than 100 percent.

Also, the total public sector loans from local banks increased by about 14 billion riyals to 331.4 billion riyals, distributed as follows: 142.9 billion for the government, an increase of 9.2 billion riyals from December, 173.9 billion for government institutions, an increase of 3.9 billion riyals, and 14.5 billion for semi-governmental institutions, an increase of 0.8 billion riyals.

In parallel, total domestic private sector deposits with banks increased by about 11.9 billion riyals to the level of 367.5 billion riyals.

Source (Al-Raya Al-Qatari newspaper, Edited)

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