A Slight Increase in Egyptian Exports

  • Cairo, Egypt
  • 13 April 2020

The total Egyptian exports during the month of last January recorded about two billion and 481 million dollars of the total trade volume during January, compared to two billion and 442 million dollars during the same month in 2019.

According to official data issued by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, those exports specifically included fuel, raw cotton, raw materials, semi-manufactured goods, and finished goods.

Total Egyptian exports of fuel amounted to about 520 million dollars, followed by Egyptian exports of raw cotton, which amounted to 16 million. As for raw materials, they amounted to about 192 million dollars last January, compared to 254 million in the same month of 2019, representing a decline of about 62 million.

As for semi-manufactured goods, they recorded a remarkable increase, reaching about 631 million dollars, compared to 564 million during the same month in 2019, an increase of 66 million dollars, in addition to exports of finished goods, which amounted to about one billion and 120 million dollars, compared to one billion and 41 million in the said comparison period, an increase of 79 million.

On the other hand, total imports of trade volume reached about 5 billion and 316 million dollars last January, distributed between fuel and 936 million, then raw materials by about 724 million, intermediate goods worth one billion and 702 million dollars, investment goods of 705 million dollars, and durable consumer goods worth of $447 million, and non-durable consumer goods worth of $799 million.

Source (Youm7 News website, Edited)

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