Ibrahim Al-Arabi head of the Islamic Chamber

  • Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • 3 June 2020

Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud Al Arabi, President of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers and Vice President of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture, was chosen to head the Chamber after the departure of Sheikh Saleh Kamel, until the next general assembly.

In this context, Al-Arabi affirmed that Sheikh Saleh Kamel was a symbol in the Islamic nation, and he never delayed the call of duty, especially the Islamic Chamber, which was credited with its support and development, to embracing today more than 58 Islamic countries.

He pointed out that the Chamber is carrying out dozens of pioneering initiatives for a strong modern Islamic nation, as well as through its projects: the Union of Business Owners, the Opportunities for Investment Company, the Zakat Fund, the Halal Project and other projects that support the economies of Islamic countries.

Al-Arabi pointed out that the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture (ICCIA) is one of the entities emanating from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to bring together federations of chambers of commerce and industry, representatives of the private sector in 58 countries and it plays a fundamental role in economic development in all Islamic countries.

Source (The site of the seventh Egyptian day, Edited)

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