The UAE is the First in the Gulf to continue Growth and Prosperity after "Corona"

  • Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • 31 August 2020

A report issued by the Principal Investment Office of UBS 'Global Wealth Management Unit reviewed the investment opportunities available in the UAE and other emerging markets during the post-COVID-19 pandemic phase. The report showed the UAE’s ability to continue growth and prosperity, under the new model, and its utilization of local supply chains, thanks to its business-supportive environment, the application of successful economic diversification measures, the benefit from the international workforce, and adopting a forward-looking government approach based on making use of advanced technology.

According to the report, emerging markets will face opportunities and challenges associated with the new dynamics that emerged after the "Covid-19" pandemic, indicating that the UAE has been able to lay strong foundations that qualify it to seize new emerging opportunities. According to the report, governments, entrepreneurs, and investors who will integrate this approach of long-term thinking into the current decision-making process will be more prepared and ready for the future. Noting that in addition to embracing a variety of thriving sectors, such as minerals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, transport equipment, defense and space, the UAE has succeeded in developing clear strategies to enhance the contribution of robots and advanced manufacturing technologies in building a prosperous local economy for the future. He disclosed the success of the UAE government in ensuring the continuation of supply chains since the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, reflecting the UAE’s interest in strengthening local capacities for food production, to support plans to diversify supply and provide various investment opportunities.

Source (Al Khaleej UAE newspaper, Edited)