A Boom in Hotel Projects in the Arab Region

  • Arab Countries
  • 21 January 2021

The countries of the Arab region are planning to construct 624 projects and more than 187,000 hotel rooms during the period between 2021 and 2024.

According to data issued by the "Top Hotel Projects" platform, the region will witness the opening of 250 hotel projects this year, including more than 76 thousand rooms, while it plans to implement 165 other projects during 2022, 66 projects during 2023, and 143 projects also by 2024.

According to the data, 313 of these projects will be 4-star hotels, while the other 311 will be designed as 5-star hotels.

It is worth noting that the United Arab Emirates will be the largest market in the Middle East in terms of the number of hotels opened, with its aspiration to complete the construction of 211 new projects, including more than 62 thousand rooms, the share of the Emirate of Dubai, of which 147 hotels with more than 44 thousand rooms, amidst a really busy market with a large number of hotels.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is expected to witness the opening of 168 new hotel properties with more than 73,000 rooms. Interestingly, Riyadh, Jeddah and Makkah will witness rapid growth, as these cities will have 42, 40 and 28 new hotels, respectively, despite the fact that Makkah comes first in terms of mega projects.

In contrast, Qatar and Oman are expected to witness hotel openings for 49, 42 and 33 projects, respectively.

Source (Al-Rai Newspaper-Kuwait, Edited)