TOT for the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Training Program

The Union of Arab Chambers (UAC), organizes in cooperation with the Arab International Center for Entrepreneurship and Investment (AICEI) of UNIDO, a training of trainers course for the “Small and Medium Enterprises Development Training Program”, during the period between 1 – 4 October 2019 at the headquarters of the UAC - Beirut.



The role of micro, small and medium enterprises has become internationally recognized as an effective tool in job creation and economic development. With the growing interest at the international and Arab levels in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, which will create jobs and absorb the energies and ideas to become practical activities, and help the potential entrepreneurs to transfer their ideas into actual projects, the Union of Arab Chambers in cooperation with the International Center for Entrepreneurship and Investment of UNIDO in Bahrain, will organize a training of trainers for the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Training Program. Whereas, there are individuals from all sectors who possess the internal capabilities in project management, but they did not have the opportunity to develop their capabilities for several reasons, including lack of information and data or fear of faltering. Identifying these individuals requires a systematic mechanism to recognize and select those who can be trained to become entrepreneurs through a development program that strengthens their skills and self-confidence from the stage of project identification to implementation. This mechanism requires qualified trainers, which requires the organization of a TOT course to establish new enterprises.

   The training of trainers’ course is the first step towards organizing a training and development program for entrepreneurs in the Arab chambers. Through which a cadre of experts will be prepared who will later develop mechanisms for entrepreneurship development.


Course Objectives

-     Assist participants in understanding the stages that the entrepreneur undergoes in developing his capabilities and the requirements of the concerned authorities.

-     Refine the skills of participants that will help them in identifying, selecting, training, mentoring and assisting potential entrepreneurs.

-     Highlighting the planning mechanisms and the stages of starting and establishing a program for training and developing entrepreneurs and the various requirements among the concerned groups.

-     Introducing the participants to the full techniques to develop the entrepreneurial capabilities of potential entrepreneurs.


Course Topics

-     Concepts of entrepreneurship development and the establishment of small, medium and micro enterprises.

-     Entrepreneur Training and Development Program: Ways, applying stages and its requirements.

-     Who is the entrepreneur: the stage of preparing and empowering entrepreneurs.

-     Promoting the entrepreneurship development program.

-     Mechanism of institutional growth and transformation from micro to small and medium enterprises.

-     Virtual Network for Entrepreneurship Development.



   Representatives from the Arab Chambers and their federations concerned with the management of the program of training and development of entrepreneurs in the chambers, who are holders of a university degree in the following fields: trade, industry, management and technology, in addition to dealing with consultants with entrepreneurs.


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