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Abu Dhabi Fund for Development


  • Short Description

    Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD), established July 15, 1971, is an autonomous national entity affiliated with Abu Dhabi government.  ADFD aims to help developing countries to achieve sustainable socio-economic growth; through financial assistance in the forms of concessionary loans, managing government grants and equities. ADFD also peruses investments in order to encourage the private sector in the recipient countries to play an essential part in accelerating the economic development process, and at the same time playing a pivotal role in strengthening and diversifying the future resources of the Fund.  

  • Business Sectors

    Transport, Industrial, Health Care, Agriculture, Electricity, Water Sector, Housing, Renewable Energy
    Target population: Parts of the Middle East, as well as North, East and Central Africa, North, South and Central Asia and some European countries. (
    Type of funding: Loans
    Amount offered: 5 – 100 million USD
    Application process: Official submissions should come from a government entity, specifically through the ministry in charge of international borrowing. All requests should indicate that the project is within development priorities. The request for funding should be supported by an economic feasibility study, projected cash flow and the financing plan.

  • Contact Info

    Address: King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street P.O.Box 814 Al-Bateen Area Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates 

    Tel: +97126677100 Email:


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