Mohamad Abdo Saeed: Towards Allocating Institutional Cooperation Between Arabs & Greek

  • Athens, Greece
  • 29 November 2018

The Arab-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Development organized the 7th Arab-Greek Economic Forum under the theme «Greece and the Arab World: A New Agenda for Growth», attended by about 500 businessmen and investors from Greece and a number of Arab countries.
Mohamad Abdo Saeed , President of Union of Arab Chambers pointed out in his speech at the opening ceremony of the forum, that the relationship between the Arab world and Greece, as well as the rest of the European countries, whether at the trade, cultural, political or economic levels, is deep rooted and what is required today is more than ever, to devote the institutional cooperation between the Arab and Greek sides by signing more agreements that would facilitate the freedom of trade exchange, and lifting the restrictions that hinder the movement of businessmen and investors in both directions, in addition to the adoption of more laws and protocols that reduce the burdens and obstacles, which cause the decline in the volume of investments rather than raising them to suit the potentials possessed by the Arab economies and the Greek economy as well as the economies of European countries.
Abdo Saeed added: "We need quality agreements that respond to our needs and are reflected in the growth in trade and investment, taking and giving, and their benefits are not limited to one side or the other, and not accompanied by preconditions or affect the sovereignty of the States. In my view, the signing of more streamlining rules of origin is a qualitative development in the right direction, in that it allows a higher ceiling for the use of foreign components, in line with actual manufacturing capabilities."
The forum resulted in the signing of a number of agreements between Greek and Arab companies, especially in the fields of joint trade, furniture, marble, education and construction activities. It also witnessed meetings and deals between about 100 Greek and Arab businessmen, as well as B2B meetings between representatives of 80 companies of the forum attendees.

Source: (Al-Sharq Al-Awsat Newspaper, Edited)